About CTH Welcome to CoopTech Hub

CoopTech Hub is the first center for platform cooperativism in Poland, powered by PLZ Coop.


Our goal is to create a trust-based community through a digital restart of cooperativism. We act for global collaboration in different sectors and local application of best practices; we are a business and technological support for co-op and sustainable initiatives.


We offer tech products and services driven by the experience of an interdisciplinary team. Our offer is aimed for: local governments (especially municipalities), cultural institutions, schools, NGOs, individual citizens and business.


We collaborate with CIC Warsaw (Cambridge Innovation Center), innovation campus located in the very heart of the capital, and Venture Café Warsaw.


CoopTech Hub is


  • an Incubator
    • Community networking
    • Education, know-how and shaping culture
    • Focus on leaders


  • Venture builder
    • Advisory on new technologies
    • Designing and teaching implementation of solutions
    • Focus on institutions



Our values


Co-op Restart

Shared Social Value (SSV)

Digital Ecology

Digital Sovereignty

Culture of Trust

Sustainable Development



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